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7 Days of Rest: A global event for healing the planet and its inhabitants

7 Days of Rest, 1 – 7 January 2018, is a global unifying event, dedicating 2018 and beyond to the healing and replenishment of the planet and its inhabitants. It seeks to initiate coordinated, unified global action to catalyse mass awareness about the earth’s looming ecological and civilisational crises, in an immediate and effective way.

During the 7 Days of Rest, from January 1 to January 7, 2018, individuals and communities will celebrate the essence of rest and healing in their unique ways, inspiring and amplifying the global community in laying the foundations for peace, health and the revitalization of the planet and all its inhabitants. 

For 7 Days we join forces across the world to

~  connect in stillness

~  remove stress, noise and toxins

~  commit together to planetary healing

~  set the intention and foundations for co-creating a thriving world for all

A global community platform will showcase diverse events from across the world, and provide inspirational resources in preparation for and during the 7 days. During the 7 days there will be opportunities to connect to daily meditations, as well as to sessions offered by diverse teachers inviting us to deepen our understanding of the essence of rest and healing.

Coordinated Unified Global Action to Catalyze Mass Awareness in an Immediate and Effective Way

We are the generation entrusted with the most pressing challenges of our millennia. Climate change is a tragic life-threatening symptom resulting from human behavior. To effectively reverse global warming requires a quantum leap forward in our ability to come together and coordinate our efforts to protect life on Earth.

Our survival and the survival of other species requires us to return to a deeper wisdom, rooted in our fundamental interconnectedness, and to reclaim our role as co-stewards of the intricate Web of Life. To effect meaningful change it is essential that we shift to holistic, comprehensive healing strategies inspired by diverse healing disciplines.

Scientists, spiritual leaders, celebrities, and activists from a wide range of traditions and disciplines are coming together to call for united action.

Healing and Replenishment

As with any individual or living system, the first stage of healing is essentially one of rest.  Rest means removing noise and stress from the system. It is unrealistic to expect healing while continuing the daily cacophony and exploitation of people, other species and our natural environment. 

When we create an environment, as free as possible of noise, stress and toxins we can begin to learn more about the nature of the illness and the required healing process.  We can begin to listen to what is needed to ensure the additional healing steps for the eradication of the disease and the replenishment of ourselves and the planet. 

Beyond rest, additional healing steps involve:

  1. Diagnosis: Identifying the underlying cause of the disease.

  2. Removal of the root cause of the disease and detoxing the system from the noise, contamination and behavior that contributes to stress and disables resonance with each other and the natural environment.

  3. Rehabilitation: repairing the damage and restoring nature’s pathways to enable healthy communication among all parts of the interconnected whole.

  4. Replenishing the system with healthy nourishment and conditions conducive for healing.

  5. Creating a healthy, resilient and life-enhancing culture with a strong immune system dedicated to the thriving of the whole.

  6. Embedding the vitality-code – nature’s code of accurate mutual nourishment in the culture to ensure optimal harmony in diversity.

  7. Removing the trauma memory from the body. 

This is the fundamental language and path of healing. Only by coordinating global action to ensure the uncompromising implementation of these steps can we begin to adequately address the challenges of our time. As with any serious disease, these severe human and environmental challenges require urgent, comprehensive and uncompromising healing attention.

The process

Rooted in wisdom from different traditions and disciplines, 7 Days of Rest offers a global platform and process for co-creating a unified force field of collective healing and re-calibration.

The 7 Days of Rest official website and Facebook page will provide a global platform where individuals and communities will be able to register, inspire and be inspired by others celebrating the event. While basic recommendations for the 7 days will be offered, each individual and community is encouraged to honor these 7 days in a way most meaningful to them while connecting to the global field of consciousness.

With the completion of the 7 Days, from the 8 of January 2018, individuals and communities will be invited to continue to connect as a global community. An ongoing virtual community platform will be put in place to enable a vibrant co-creative sharing space where we can together evolve a new form of eco-governance and sacred stewardship of the planet.

Unity in Diversity

The wisdom of healing, rest and replenishment is as multi-faceted as the infinite life intelligences and perspectives that exist. When we each bring the clarity of our commitment, through our diverse perspectives, traditions and disciplines to planetary healing, we complement and amplify each other in the same way that nature in all its diversity works in harmony for the health of the whole. 

The basic recommendations for the 7 Days of Rest include:

  1. Silent time – alone and together, reconnecting to the sounds of stillness that enable us to recalibrate with the wisdom of our bodies and nature.

  2. Minimize all work, consumerism, media and social media activity – (if possible, a full consumerism, television and social media fast). This ideally means connecting to the virtual world only for the purposes of joining focused global meditations or programs relating to human and planetary rest, healing and replenishment.

  3. Clearing the body from toxins and eating only plant based food – as fresh and organic as possible. Different dietary suggestions will be offered on the website for optimal detox and nourishment.

  4. Breath, yoga, sound and movement practices that support the body’ rest, healing and replenishment.

  5. Meditation, prayer, intention setting and practices that cultivate deep listening, intuition and spontaneous visions.

  6. Practicing gentle loving communication with one’s self and those in one’s environment.

  7. Rituals dedicated to the healing and replenishment of oneself, the planet and the entire Web of Life.

  8. Communing with and honouring nature, animals, the plants and the elements.

  9. Journaling insights, dreams and intentions.

  10. Connecting consciously to the 7 Day global prayer and meditation field either online or offline.

  11. Practicing living in gentle, simple community and extending ones field of compassion to all beings.

  12. Envisioning a healed world.

  13. Gratitude for all that is healthy and nourishing in one’s own life and in the world.

Why 7 Days?

7 Days of Rest holds both symbolic and pragmatic significance.

On a symbolic level, the number 7 has profound meaning in many spiritual traditions and the concept of 7 levels of space, time, color and sound can be found across cultures.

A week is a unit of time, a cycle of activity and rest according to which we organize ourselves in modern life. A week offers a natural opportunity for participants to undergo a significant journey, a process of deepening immersion into the vibration of rest and healing.

1.01.18 amplifies the energy of a fresh beginning – seeded through a sacred collective process from which a new blueprint for a thriving planet can take root and grow. 

7 Days of Rest Team and Partners

7 Days of Rest was initiated by the team of Together in Creation.  We are inviting individuals, communities and organizations to join, partner and support the event in different ways and are very grateful for all those who have already joined. The evolving list of co-hosts and partners can be found on our Event page.

To register for the event, and/or offer support, please contact us through the form below.

You can also join and follow the event on our Facebook page and Event Page through the link below.

Blessings and gratitude,

The 7 Days of Rest team

The 7 Days of Rest website
The 7 Days of Rest Facebook page

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