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Interview: Mansoor Khan

(Editor’s Note: POI member Mansoor Khan is the author of the book The Third Curve: The End of Growth. As we know it! which examines Peak Oil and the future of energy and economic growth to provide a new lens to understand our reality and the future. In this interview with The CSR Journal, he says that adapting to global energy descent requires us to make a paradigm shift in our economic and industrial thinking to exactly the opposite that is presently followed. )

From Entertainment to Energetics

By Nidhi Singh, The CSR Journal
Mansoor Khan divides his time between running a farmstay, cheese-making and traveling around the country lecturing the Corporate world & top educational Institutes on the theory of ‘Energertics’ & ‘Peak Oil’ which he believes is a tricky topic. The Bollywood Filmmaker who launched Aamir Khan with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and also belted out another blockbuster Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is now telling an entirely different story through his Book ‘The Third Curve – The End of Growth As We Know It’.

Standard questions about sustainability, social & environmental development don’t even seem to apply to this filmmaker-turned-author who explains how limited resources of the Planet is not a problem, but a predicament. Hence it cannot have a solution, but requires a fundamental change in a mindset accustomed to the concept of ‘perpetual growth’. A passionate advocate of Gandhian principles of simple, local living Khan tells The CSR Journal’s Nidhi Singh in this interview about how the fundamentals of energy and its roles in our industrial model are little understood and never discussed.  That, he points out leads to people asking the wrong questions. (Read full interview)

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