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Amid Global Turmoil, Oil Prices Surprisingly Stable
From Forbes Magazine
The world has entered a zone of maximum upheaval. From the Atlas Mountains of North Africa to the Hindu Kush, in Afghanistan, the Middle East is in flames. The destruction of a Malaysian airline over Ukraine, almost certainly shot down by Russian-backed separatist rebels, threatens war in the Black Sea region. At no time since the terror attacks of 2001 has the world seen such conflict and instability. So why aren’t oil prices higher?

ISIS creates an oil shock, but why? 
By Tobias Vanderbruck, Oil-price.net
Followers of international politics were mostly taken by surprise early this month, when a hitherto unreported rebellion in Iraq suddenly threatened to shake the world’s oil markets. Throughout the year, the newspapers of the Western world were focused on Syria, then the Ukraine. No one seemed to have their eye on Iraq. Where did these Iraqi rebels, called ISIS, come from? The truth is, they are the latest tool in the foreign policy of a hidden puppet master – Saudi Arabia.

Rigged: Who is undermining India’s national oil company?
From The Caravan
An extensively researched report on the ailing ONGC and how the Central government and private players have colluded to bring it to this state.

While the sun shines
From Government of India Monitor
Solar power has emerged as the best off-grid energy option but why is it still all talk and no substance?

Who will sow those seeds? (Video)
From Government of India Monitor
Over 15 million farmers left agriculture between 1991-2011 due to rising input costs and little profit. Food and trade policy analyst Devinder Sharma talks about the current model of development which is pushing farmers to low-paying daily wage jobs in cities.

Environmental impact appraisal Study of NTTPS
From The Hindu
Questions are raised on the Energy department’s plans for expanding Dr. Narla Tatarao Thermal Power Station (NTTPS) notwithstanding the environmental clearances secured for the project. An environmental impact assessment study led by Sagar Dhara of Hyderabad-based Cerana Foundation (and founder member of Peak oil India) recommended scrapping of the plans considering “the injury to the environment and people” by the existing power station.

Why Does Politics Keep Getting in the Way of Pricing Carbon?
From www.theenergycollective.com
While a carbon price is every economists’ favorite climate plan, real-world political constraints get in the way (just ask Australia!)
In a new paper in Energy Policy, I examine a variety of political economy constraints that limit the environmental efficacy and economic efficiency of real-world carbon pricing policies.

Water Resources Fact Sheet
From Earth Policy Institute
Water scarcity may be the most underrated resource issue the world is facing today.

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