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Video: The Third Curve interviews by Mansoor Khan

Author and filmmaker Mansoor Khan has been doing a series of short video interviews with experts in various fields from ecology to energy to economics. The interviews take off from the themes covered in his book, The Third Curve: The End of Growth. As We Know It!. Some of the prominent names interviewed so far are

Book launch: Actor Aamir Khan releases The Third Curve

The Third Curve, a new book by Mansoor Khan is just out. More info on the book, the author and event schedule can be found at: www.mansoorkhan.net. To watch a video of a TEDx Talk by Mansoor, click here  Press release October 2013: Actor Aamir Khan, hosted the launch of his cousin, Mansoor Khan’s book, The Third Curve

Fire & Accounting

(Deeply inspired by Charles Eisenstein’s books The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics) By Mansoor Khan Today’s reality is governed by the laws of economics and accounting has therefore become a key discipline in developing and maintaining our modern industrial world. Balance sheets, ledgers, costs and sales all lead to the final profit and loss statement that is supposed