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soil degradation

George Monbiot: Soil – the crisis to beat them all?

War, pestilence, even climate change, are trifles by comparison. Destroy the soil and we all starve. George Monbiot Imagine a wonderful world, a planet on which there was no threat of climate breakdown, no loss of freshwater, no antibiotic resistance, no obesity crisis, no terrorism, no war. Surely, then, we would be out of major

A quarter of India is slowly turning into desert

25 percent of India’s total land is undergoing desertification while 32 percent is facing degradation that has affected its productivity, critically affecting livelihoods and food security of millions across the country. As much as 105.19 million hectares of the country’s total geographical area of 328.73 Mha is being degraded while 82.18 Mha is undergoing desertification.

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