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International Energy Agency

World Energy Outlook 2015 has a mixed message for the future

Latest World Energy Outlook sees clear signs that the energy transition is underway, but warns strong direction is needed from Paris climate summit IEA.org More at: www.worldenergyoutlook.org An extended period of lower oil prices would benefit consumers but would trigger energy-security concerns by heightening reliance on a small number of low-cost producers, or risk a

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India Struggling Between International Image & Equity at Lima Climate Talks Dispatches from COP 20, Lima by Kabir, What’s With The Climate Indian government delegation is warming up for a test match like scenario at COP 20 in Lima. It seems that India in coordination with other developing countries will push for Adaptation, Adaptation, and Adaptation

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Six Key Trends Shaping the Energy Future The Paris-based International Energy Agency was established after the oil crisis of the early 1970s in a move by oil-consuming nations to keep better track of trends and improve energy security. Its annual World Energy Outlook, with hundreds of pages of analysis and charts, is considered the industry