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‘Sustainable’ City Living

Event Start Date:
3rd June 2019
Event End Date:
30th June 2019
Event Venue:

Greetings!  The Community College of Maharashtra Education Society brings you a unique short course on ‘Sustainable’ City Living. We invite your participation in this course!

The last couple of decades have seen a rise in people’s environmental awareness.  Schools and colleges have also included it in their curricula. However, learning it as a subject vis-à-vis learning it as an integrated part of our living creates gaps in its understanding and its application on an every- day basis.  ‘Knowing and Doing’ are two very different aspects of environmental awareness. We are hoping participants are sensitized in exploring both of these aspects through the course.

Our Course is designed for people

  • who want to be more environmentally aware, are concerned about their actions and who wish to make a start
  • who wish to get  a ‘holistic’ perspective of the various environmental aspects / concerns.

 All those who are academically 12th standard and above are eligible for the course

To be held from 3rd to 30th June 2019 at Bhave Highschool, Perugate, the course will engage with participants to see how our everyday actions are intricately connected to the natural resources around us. We wish to see every day, not just April 22, being celebrated as Earth Day.

For details please check the attached flyer and also check the website at https://qrgo.page.link/nS4U 

For registration, visit https://goo.gl/8VNY7U

For enquiry, you can reach us at 94229 87717, 95953 21699 or mes.communitycollegepune@gmail.com

Kindly circulate amongst people whom you think could be interested.

Thank you and Regards,

MES Community College Coordinaton


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