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ADB@50, Resistance@50

Event Start Date:
1st May 2017
Event End Date:
7th May 2017
Event Venue:
locations across India

50 years of inequitable development: Better off without ADB

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is celebrating its 50th year at their annual meetings, with the theme “Building Together the Prosperity of Asia” to be held 4-7 May in Yokohama, Japan. Amidst ADB’s celebration of its work in the region and its claim of contribution to “expand opportunities and build prosperity across Asia and the Pacific, contributing significantly to the region’s historic global rise” it is important to challenge their narrative of development and highlight the colossal damage their investments have caused.

While the official celebrations of 50 years will happen from May 4-7, people’s movements and other civil society organisations in India had decided to hold over 50 actions of protest in different parts of the country, challenging the narrative of ADB about the successes of their lending and highlighting the enormous  damage the lending has caused to people and environment. The response to the call for action has been overwhelming and as of today, we have nearly 80 confirmations of actions during the week of May 1-7. More confirmations are expected soon.

Please visit https://wgonifis.net for details about the programs (it’s still a work-in-progress site). A detailed list of projects – arranged state-wise and sector-wise is also available on the website. As an effort to bring together voices from the ground, video clippings from different activists are compiled at https://wgonifis.net/videos/. While subtitling of the Hindi ones are in progress, a few english videos are:




Looking at ADB as only one of the many international financial institutions (IFIs) promoting a distorted development model, the 80+ actions during the occasion of ADB’s 50 years would be used as an opportunity to highlight the unsustainable model of lending by these undemocratic institutions.

While Peoples’ Forum Against IFIs, a platform of people’s movements and civil society organisations working on the ill effects of international financing, is the one coordinating these 80+ events, the actions are organised by local organisations in a manner which is relevant to them, to highlight their struggles / issues and seek transparency and accountability from IFIs.

What is happening in 2017 is a continuation to what happened in 2006 during the 39th annual meetings in Hyderabad, where 100s of people’s movements, trade unions and NGOs came together to organize a parallel summit at Hyderabad. More on that at: http://pfaadb2005.wgonifis.net/twiki/tiki-index.php

We request you all to join the twitter storm planned for May 1 (first day of the week of action), May 4 (beginning of ADB annual meetings) and May 7 (last day of protest and end of annual meetings). Please use hashtags #BetterOffWithoutADB #ADB50 while you tweet.

Please continue to visit https://wgonifis.net for updates.

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